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Health and Human Well-being in sub-Saharan Africa

This document intends to capture the current status of health and human well-being in sub-Saharan Africa. In doing so, shortcomings, especially in terms of policy, research, funding, data
collection, human resources, training and education, and public awareness are identified, and solutions to improve health and human well-being in sub-Saharan…

Introducing ADLC

Imagine if your hard drive was in the clouds? imagine coming up with a digital repository with ZERO staff and ZERO programming skills?

Greenstone 2.85 as OAI Server

The new Greenstone 2.85 features which facilitate the creation of institutional repositories and other
open access collections:

ADLSN, Nigeria Story 1

Nigeria ADLSN national centre activities


Sa lane la lapli ti refiz tonbe. Mem enn gran siklonn ki normalman amenn boukou dilo ti avoy rafal sek, kas bann brans kouma kas baton zalimet. Nivo
dilo dan rezervwar lavil ti pe kontinie bese. Dan zarden botanik basen pwason
santi dilo-mor e bann nenifar tom febles. Tanzantan dimoun lev lizie lao pou gete si ena niaz dan lesiel me zot gete…


This paper outlines the activities of the African Digital Library Support Network (ADLSN) in enhancing knowledge access by promoting and assisting the development of low-cost digital libraries in Africa. It aims to stimulate practical discussion on how digital library projects can be run in Africa in a collaborative way. It focuses on the…